Finding and Inserting Pictures and Artwork

Now it’s time to find pictures, maps, charts, and other artwork to enhance your feature article:

1. Your best tool is your brain. Think about what kind of “visual” would best support your article’s angle (thesis) or perhaps illustrate one point or detail.

2. Fire up Firefox or Safari (or any browser) and head to Google Images: or then click the Images link.

3. Enter a specific keyword to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, “Battle of Britain map” not just “Britain map” and not “World War II picture.”

4. Click through the images you find until you see one that really meets your needs. Double-click on the image to get that image at full-size.

5. You will need to see both your Word document and your browser at the same time.

6. Now click back on your Word document and click the cursor to where you want the picture.

7. Switch back to your browser. Click on the image you want and drag it into your Word document.

8. You may want to resize the image, move it, or add a caption.

9. To Add a Caption: Menu BarInsertCaption. Type your caption and click Ok.

10. To Insert a Picture (or other visual text feature) in the Middle of Your Page: Menu BarInsertText Box. Now either type your text feature or drag your picture into this new box.