Formatting Your Feature Article

Format your feature article following these steps:

1. Select all normal paragraphs (your “body text”), now: Menu BarFormatParagraph → select 1.5 under Line Spacing.
2. Now format your article in two columns: Once again, select all normal paragraphs by clicking on the Columns button columnButton.png on your Standard Toolbar and dragging to select 2 columns.

3. Thoughtfully choose color and fonts for your headings and other text features. (Limit colors and fonts.) Menu BarFont → choose your font. To change font sizes, use your Formatting Toolbar:

4. EASY TIP: Use the Format Painter button formatPainter.png to copy formats. Click the Show/Hide Invisibles button showInvisibles.png to see spaces and skipped lines.

5. REMINDER: Do not use the space bar to put things where you want them. Use the Tab key or Alignment buttons alignmentButtons.png or Return key.

6. REMINDER: Save often! Perhaps save different versions: “JaneSww2_v2.doc” then “JaneSww2_v3.doc,” etc., in case you want to go back to an earlier version.