Questions to Ask About a Web Site

(1) What is the authority?

A. Who put this information here?
B. Who is the author?
C. Is there an “About Us” page that describes the goals of the author?
D. Is there a way of verifying if the author is an expert?
E. Is there a way to contact the author?

(2) What is the accuracy?

A. Are the sources for the information clearly listed so that they can be verified?
B. Is the information free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors?

(3) Is the information objective?

A. What is the purpose of this site (inform, entertain, persuade)?
B. Is the information biased, slanted or unbalanced?
C. Is there advertising on this page and if so, why is it there?

(4) What is the currency?

A. How old is the information?
B. Are there dates to indicate when it was written or last revised?

Now you're ready to go visit some web sites and do some internet research!