Five Steps To Set Up Microsoft Word

Every time you open Microsoft Word be sure to do the following:

1. Menu BarView → select Page Layout so that it has a checkmark (✓) before it. This lets you see your document as it will look when it’s printed.

2. Go to Menu BarViewToolbarsStandard to add this toolbar:

3. Go to Menu BarViewToolbarsFormatting to add this toolbar:

4. Now go the very bottom right of your document and drag the little square toward the bottom right corner of your screen . cornerBox.png This will make your document fill up your screen.

5. On the far right of your Standard Toolbar find the box and number that looks like this: viewPercent.png Click on the little triangle and then select Page Width.

Good going! Your document is now easy to see, easy to format, and easy to work with.

Now start typing or formatting!